Patrícia Vitteková


„I have been using the services of TOMAR for a few months now and I am more than happy with the results whether they concern medical or cosmetic treatments. Besides, I really appreciate the way the professional team looks after me as well as MUDr. Tomekova’s experience and knowledge. Being a mother of two, I am fully aware of how fast today’s world is so every appointment really means some relaxing time just for myself.


Martina Šimkovičová

TV presenter

„I really appreciate the pleasant environment as well as the professional approach of the staff in TOMAR. Each visit is a pleasant and relaxing experience for me. I enjoy it so much that most of the time I fall asleep during the procedures.”


Zora Czoborová

fitness trainer

The professional approach of doctor Tomeková, the quality of offered services and an excellent level of dermatological treatments make me believe that I have been in the right hands. After returning from my long-term stay in Los Angeles where I spent some time in one of the top dermatology centres, I went directly to TOMAR. I have been a regular client for several years and I have always been very satisfied with professional advice from doctor Tomeková, in particular with products and treatments. And the most important is that I have never experienced any side effects and the result was always perfect. Based upon my own satisfaction and 100% trust in her knowledge and skills, I have many times recommended TOMAR to my clients and relatives who were always satisfied whether they had undergone smaller or bigger treatments. For the same reason I also recommend that you use a wide range of services of this exclusive clinic in which you will be looked after by a nice and helpful team of experts.

Miloš Bubán, M.D.

Head of specialized health practices at ŽNaP Bratislava (Railway hospital and Health Centre in Bratislava)

„Today it is natural that women and men care about themselves. We should care about ourselves, and not only for achieving a better look but also because of health reasons. I have known Tomeková, M.D. for years and we have been good friends. I trust her as a doctor and I regularly use her services, which I am always very satisfied with. Thanks to TOMAR, I have a reason to smile and therefore, I like returning there. Apart from high quality services, I have the possibility to spend time in a relaxing environment, thanks to the pleasant and professional team that doctor Tomeková has created.”

Karin Majtánová

TV presenter

„Nowadays, it is very important for women to care about themselves. Not only to look younger but also to be internally satisfied and balanced. Women have a possibility to slow down the ageing process and it is very nice when they can choose from the plethora of experts the one, who will be able to give them the feeling of internal satisfaction, make them smile and last but not least, provide them with admiring gazes from others. I have known doctor Tomeková for a long time as a very professional expert in the field of aesthetic dermatology. She can always give you good advice, help you and solve problems that you are worried about. “

Adriana Poláková

TV presenter

„To be on screen every day requires to have a beautiful and young look. This is the reason why I visit TOMAR and they help me to stay in shape and at the same time they care about my problematic complexion. And as a parent of two children at the age of puberty, when their skin begins to worsen, I attend regular treatments also with them.“