Luxury for your skin

Gold Therapy offers a complex anti-ageing approach. The therapy is done using the latest M22 multi-application platform from LUMENIS (USA). It is offered exclusively at TOMAR.

This therapy reduces wrinkles; visibly firms complexion, removes pigmentation and enlarged pores, and erases veins and other blemishes. The treatment is ambulatory, non-invasive, painless and with long-lasting results.

Your face will be firstly treated by using the medical IPL with a yellow light that removes pigmented lesions, veins, fine wrinkles and partly pores. Later, the infrared IPL light is used on the skin to stimulate collagen and elastic fibres. Afterwards, the infrared laser is used. It remodels collagen, smoothes out deeper wrinkles and small scars. In the deeper skin layer, it regenerates cells. After the laser treatment, a nurse will administer vitamin E, A or C into your skin. These function as antioxidants and also slow down the ageing process. Lastly, you will relax under the red polarised lamp that will soothe your complexion and stimulate a new collagen production.

The facial treatment takes about 25 minutes; almost an hour including neck, décolleté and hands. Gold Therapy is suitable for women around the age of 30 but also for elderly ladies. Moreover, it works perfectly for men.
The new collagen production is a long-lasting process, it does not happen overnight. It cannot be speeded up as the cells need time to modify. The process of rejuvenation includes 4-6 treatments depending on the age and condition of the skin. The overall results will last at least for 2 years or more.

The procedure can be combined with fillers, Botox, or with any medical or cosmetic therapy.

“I learned about the new gold therapy in rejuvenating methods during my stay in the USA for the first time, where I was visiting my colleagues at a renowned clinic for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in Houston. I was amazed by the results so much that I decided to offer this luxury also to you - my clients.„
Adriana Tomeková, M.D.