Intensive treatment SOTHYS Paris for men – Sothys Homme

SOTHYS Homme with an extract from volcanic rock

Sothys have closely analysed the male skin to understand the daily rigors it faces – stress, fatigue, pollution and shaving... a man’s skin faces many challenges. The first signs of ageing in men usually occur later in comparison to women, but they are more visible.

Maintaining optimal skin hydration is a basic step in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preserving skin‘s existing youthful look. In response, Sothys have developed uniquely effective targeted men’s treatments enriched with volcanic rock.


A totally energizing facial that uses the power of volcanic rock for its rich magnesium content to boost and detoxify a man’s skin. This treatment combines relaxation and efficiency for more resilient skin and a flawless complexion.


Sothys Homme2


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Energising intensive treatment with Siberian ginseng and our exclusive massage technique restore your skin’s energy and radiance. It also intensifies the effect of other cosmetic treatments and skin care products. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages, men and women, all year round.