The result of laser hair removal is a permanent reduction of body hair (hair bulb degeneration). The laser beam is caught in the hair bulb and the heat destroys it in its active stage of growth.

The treatment is not time-consuming and is comfortable. You will feel only a slight sting on the skin surface. A laser diode has its own cooling which cools the skin down when the beam is transmitted.

Laser hair removal is an investment for the future. You will gradually get rid of hair and those that remain will grow more slowly and will be smoother and lighter. Hair removal is not a one-time issue. The laser affects the hair only in its active growing stage, not when it is in a passive position or when it falls out. Thus during one treatment only a certain percentage of hair can be removed. The number of repeated treatments is individual. At least 4 treatments are necessary. Hair removal will be more or less permanent. There will always be, however, a few hairs which have not been removed by the laser. Therefore it is recommended that you undergo sustained treatments annually or every two years.

The advantage of laser hair removal is that you will avoid folliculitis, inflammation of hair follicles that occurs when tweezing hair or shaving it with a razor blade.

The latest LIGHT SHEER DESIRE laser diode can also remove lighter hair and effectively treats all skin types (1-6). Moreover, it enables permanent hair reduction from all areas of the body. In addition, laser does not aggravate varicose veins so you can undergo the procedure. In TOMAR, we use the latest laser diode LIGHT SHEER DESIRE.


Shave, pluck, wax or use foams? We know the most advanced and painless method on how to remove unwanted hair - forever. The current trends in the beauty industry strive to make it easier for you. The cutting edge laser and ultrasound technology guarantee permanent hair removal.