Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis

Not all sweating is normal sweating. About three percent of the world population suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). There are several reasons, ranging from diseases such as tuberculosis, obesity, hypertension, and endocrine diseases up to menopause.

Excessive sweating that most often affects the axillae, palms and soles is referred to as primary hyperhidrosis. It usually starts in adolescence but can occur at any age mainly causing significant discomfort in adults.

If you suffer from excessive sweating with no apparent cause, there is a high probability that it is emotionally induced hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating during such emotions as: stress, nervousness, fear, pressure and pleasure).

People suffering from this condition often get into uncomfortable and stressful situations. As a result many of them feel isolated and less confident. Then sweating becomes a psychological problem and can even lead to depressions. It can be said to interfere in everyday lives of the affected people.

Stages of hyperhidrosis:

Light hyperhidrosis

Armpits, palms and feet are often wet. Under the armpits, about 5 -10 cm spots are created on clothes. 

Moderate hyperhidrosis

Sweat drops are created on palms and feet. And under the armpits,

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they form 10 – 20cm spots.

Heavy hyperhidrosis

Sweat drips from us. Spots on clothes under the armpit area are larger than 20cm. Your clothing on the back or in the area between the legs often gets soaked in sweat. Sweat drops are present on palms, feet, back, metatarsus and back of the hand.

Treatment options

You may think that there is no harm in sweating a little bit, however, the life with hyperhidrosis can be more uncomfortable than having diabetes. In any case, heavy sweating can lead to depression and social anxiety. Botox is an easy and effective solution that targets sweating at its source.