Many people try to squeeze these black “dots” at home in front of the mirror although all dermatologists warn them about possible risks of inflammation.

Our skin contains a lot of pores that enable it to breathe and absorb nutrients from the outside environment. They also have a clearing function; they take sebum (oil element) and other unwanted substances from the inside of the skin to its surface. Due to this exchange of substances, pores widen, subsequently close and so called “blackheads/whiteheads”, or comedones, are formed. They are black due to the oxidation effect of air on the sebum in pores and on the skin pigment melanin from dead skin cells. When enlarged and closed pores become visible, we should know that something is not right and it is time to see an expert. 

Treatment options

Around 75% of women worldwide suffer from enlarged pores. Having said that, it is not only limited to women, men also suffer from this condition. As people get older, pores tend to dilate. Their number can increase between your 20s -50s.