Problematic complexion and acne

Oily skin, red spots and painful blackheads can make everyday life unpleasant for many patients. Skin quality is, in general, influenced by genetics and hormones. For example, pregnant women often tend to have oily skin due to hormonal changes. A similar situation can be noticed by women who use hormonal contraceptives. Increase in the activity of sebaceous glands can be caused by stress or a wrong choice of cosmetic products.

While some factors causing excessive oily skin can be relatively successfully removed, we have to simply reconcile with others.  The only effective way how to keep a nice skin lies in good care about its cleanliness. The patients who suffer from oily skin may be pleased by the fact that the fat layer on their skin has also its undeniable advantages. This skin better tolerates the process of ageing and has fewer wrinkles.

In addition, acne is considered a normal part of puberty. However, many adults suffer from its symptoms at some stage in their life too. Acne is a result of clogged ducts of the sebaceous glands. Damaged or malfunctioning sebaceous glands may play a central role in initiating severe inflammations and scarring.

Treatment options

Painful pimples, red patches of skin and oily skin are not just a teenage problem. Many people suffer from it at some point in their adult lives. It is a skin disease involving inflammation of the sebaceous glands.