The fifth generation of LightSheer lasers is much faster than other previous devices. It provides laser hair removal which is 4 times faster and painless. The LightSheer technology by American company Lumenis has been validated in numerous clinical studies. Generally, it is considered to be the gold standard of this field of aesthetic laser medicine. The LightSheer DESIRE uses an 805nm diode wavelength that effectively treats any parts of the face and body.

Laser provides a short and painless treatment, maximal comfort during the treatment and optimal results. It is based on a new patented technology - HITTM- vacuum assisted high-speed epilation which brings the skin closer to the source of laser energy and by its  stretching it “reduces” chromophores in the skin so that the laser energy could affect hair follicles in as greater number as possible. 

The device includes these parts:

  • 15 inch screen
  • Intuitive software with the newest touch technology 
  • Vacuum assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology(HIT™)
  • ChillTipTM Technology for optimal client comfort
  • Professional Handpieces ( Plug & Treat )
  • Clinically proven and very effective hair removal for all skin types

For more information visit www.lumenis.com

The fifth generation of LightSheer lasers is 4 times faster than other previous devices. LIGHT SHEER DESIRE from the new generation of laser systems, the only one in Slovakia, in TOMAR! The laser provides an effective, painless and permanent treatment, also on a sun tanned skin.